Call for Contributions and Papers

Migration and Motion: Dialogues on Human Movement

Journal#3, Vol.2 No.1 - Spring 2017.

After a period of quiet, Journal#3 is returning to the digital curation scene with a new inter-disciplinary publication on migration and human motion. The multimedia edition will bring together voices from across disciplines and practices into dialogue on the contemporary issue of human movement. Through its publication, we aim to promote thinking that breaks with today’s dominant narratives of human migration — of refugees, xenophobia, citizenship, and the sovereignty of states — seeking out deeper dialogues on the aesthetics, history and politics of human movement.

We invite contributions from all intellectual backgrounds, such as audio and visual artists, political scientists, choreographers, migration and refugee study experts, palaeoarchaeologists, filmmakers, technologists, coders, archivists, photographers, policy makers. In doing so we hope to establish a conversation that breaches boundaries between artists, academics and technical professionals, and opens new territory for thinking about movement amongst our species.

As always, we welcome contributions in any form or format, and encourage work that challenges publishing conventions. For any non-English language submissions, please also submit a basic working translation.

The final edition will be digitally published and freely available to everybody through our open online platform.

Please send all submissions and enquires to the edition curator, Dr Joshua McNamara at:

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for original writings, textual/audiovisual collages, media mash-ups of sound/text/image, photographic examinations, and new exploratory research in any form. Work should be original material, or relevant permissions sought by the author for any re-appropriation of texts or artefacts. Submissions of any nature and any format will be considered, so long as they speak to the general theme of the edition. We love work that forces us to re-think how we go about publishing the journal.

Extended Proposal Deadline

15 January 2017

Journal#3, Vol.2 No.1

Edition Curator: Joshua McNamara
Technical Editor: Neal MacInnes
Special Edition Advisors:
Dina Matar, Senior Lecturer, SOAS (University of London)
Idil Lambo, Refugee Specialist, Nairobi (Kenya)